About Us...

Gettysburg Sentinels is a small business that primarily deals with uniquely designed wood products crafted from "witness trees" of the famed Gettysburg Battlefield. 

A variety of our products are crafted from newer trees that were not on the battlefield at the time of the conflict, but are nonetheless from the historic battlefield.  We frequently create custom work for a 30% deposit.

The products are crafted from trees that are legally purchased through third parties,  and are made completely from trees harvested from the Gettysburg Battlefield.  The trees were selected, harvested, cut, dried, and crafted into these products under the direct supervision of William D. Hewitt.

Through our experienced craftsmanship, you too can treasure a unique piece of history from one of America's most revered battlefield landscapes.

William D. Hewitt spent thirty-one years in the U.S. Army and retired with his wife to Gettysburg in 2001.  He's worked with wood for over forty years.  As proprietor of Gettysburg Sentinels, he combines his love of history and carpentry through exceptional products and unique gifts for history buffs and collectors alike.
This is the famed honey locust tree from the National Cemetery in Gettysburg.  Abraham Lincoln gave his immortal address from near this tree.  Small pieces of the tree were made available through the Foundation.
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