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Major General John Buford

Major General John Buford, Jr. gained his greatest fame and
arguably made his biggest contribution of the Civil War on July
1, 1863. Buford, commanding the 1st Division of the Cavalry
Corps, ran into parts of the Army of Northern Virginia west of
Gettysburg. Having only enough strength to post one man per
yard of ground, Buford instructed one of his brigades, under
Colonel William Gamble, to dismount to impede the advance
of A.P. Hill’s Confederate III Corps along the road from
Cashtown. Buford’s skillful defensive troop alignments along
with the bravery, dedication, and the skill of his men, gave the
Union First Corps, under Major General John F. Reynolds, the
time it needed to deploy his infantry to meet the Confederates
outside of Gettysburg, thus maintaining a Union foothold on
the strategically important positions that would become the
backbone of the Union defensive positions for the remainder
of the battle.

General John Buford