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Buford Oak Witness Tree Ring

Lincoln Witness Tree Pen

Telling the stories of the Battle of Gettysburg

Wood products hand-crafted from Gettysburg Battlefield trees

What Are Witness Trees?

Witness trees are those that were alive at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg. There are believed to be about twenty remaining Witness trees today. It is unknown if any wood from these trees will ultimately be available to Gettysburg Sentinels.  The Witness tree wood used for our products has been legally acquired from third parties including the Gettysburg Foundation.

Gettysburg Sentinels was founded in 2007 by retired Army Lt. Colonel William D. Hewitt to afford the opportunity for those who cherish the history of the Battle of Gettysburg to own products made of the wood of trees harvested from those sacred grounds. 

In early 2022, Colonel Hewitt sold Gettysburg Sentinels to long-time friend and fellow woodworker, Greg Allen. Greg and his wife Tina have lived in an historic house on Chambersburg Road just west of the Gettysburg Battlefield since 1986.


What Are Battlefield Trees?

Battlefield trees are those that were not standing at the time of the battle, but have been harvested for various reasons in the decades that followed. As with Witness trees, the wood used for our products has been legally acquired from third parties.

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