The Story of Witness Trees

Of the thousands of trees which dotted the agricultural landscape of Adams County, Pennsylvania in July of 1863, many would be ravaged by the massive Battle of Gettysburg.  Of these, many would be killed as a direct result of the carnage brought about by the desparate conflict.  Trees were often ripped apart by bullets and artillery shells while others slowly died as the lead lodged within them slowly leached, killing the tree overtime.

It is believed that approximately twenty Witness Trees still stand throughout the Gettysburg Battlefield.  However, one can never fully recognize other potential Witness Trees until they are claimed by Mother Nature.  Counting the rings is the only sure way to determine the age of the tree.  Today, these silent and living sentinels awe historians and novice visitors alike, not only because of their majesty and grandeur, but of the stories they could tell.


All Witness Tree Products


Our Witness Tree Products are made from trees that stood at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg.  There are believed to be approximately twenty remaining Witness Trees today. It is unknown if any wood from these trees will ultimately be available to Gettysburg Sentinels.  Our Witness Trees include:

* Still standing today