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How do we verify the wood we use?

Gettysburg Sentinel always verifies the wood we use. For us, the source of our material is everything. This is what connects our craft of woodworking to our commitment of honoring the sacrifice that our soldiers make. We take great care to verify the sources of the wood we use in our items.

Witness and battlefield trees hold the connection between the tradition of our handiwork and the legacy of sacrifice for the greater good. So we do everything we can to know exactly where the wood comes from.

Step 1: Finding the wood

Wood logs

Nearly all of the wood we use at Gettysburg Sentinels is purchased directly from the arborists and tree removal specialists working at the battlefield. These are contractors hired by the National Park Service, making them highly reputable.

If we do not buy this harvested wood, it will simply go to waste. By turning these precious trees into long-lasting, high-quality items, we give them a second life.

Step 2: Confirming the origins

Document verification signing

We never compromise on our standards for ethical and sustainable sourcing. Oftentimes, we work with contractors or individuals from within the park boundaries or on the private land surrounding it. Not unlike the world of fine art, our wood has proven provenance. That guarantees authenticity for everything we make.

Be assured that every piece we create is a true tribute to the history and sacrifice of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Thank you for supporting our mission and helping us preserve this important legacy for future generations.

Step 3: Off to the wood shop!

With our evidence for the origins in hand, it’s time to start turning this fine piece of American history into one of our wares. That starts by sectioning out the wood — sorting what we have so that we use the best possible wood for each project.

Then it’s time to start working the wood!

Step 4: Milling and shaping

woodworking milling and shaping
Owner Greg Allen in action, working on an Executive Pen!

Milling and shaping the wood is always an exciting time. This is when the material really starts to open up and talk to us.

Everything we do has to meet the exact product specifications and requirements — we don’t want to waste a single splinter of this historic material!

At the end of shaping, it’s time to finish it off with products that improve durability, longevity, and appearance.

Step 5: Shipping and delivery

This is the step where our hard work pays off, and we get to share this material we love with the people who understand how important it is.

We typically ship orders same day if we have everything available. If not, then we might need 2-5 days.

After that, our products are delivered to our customers in safe and secure packaging. That’s where you come in! Without you ordering these beautiful items, so many of these historic trees would simply disappear, leaving no trace of the important events they are connected to.

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