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4 Ways to Appreciate Our Veterans

There are many different ways to thank those who have fought or gave their lives for this cause. While memorials and parades are a common way to support those who have served or are still serving, there are other ways to recognize their service to our country:


Organizations like Wounded Warrior Project help those who were wounded on or after the September 11th attacks in 2001. Wounded Warrior Project in particular helps those wounded service members with programs to help with mental and physical wellness. Another charity is K9s for Warriors, which partners up dogs with veterans who could benefit from using a service animal. Another great one is The Fisher House Foundation, which provides free homes for Veterans and their families near healthcare facilities.

Send a Care Package

Boxes filled with treats, letters, and other reminders of home help remind military members that the public is thinking of them even if they are stationed thousands of miles from home. Suggestions are things like protein (beef jerky and mixed nuts are great in between meals), hand warmers, decks of cards, sunscreen, gel inserts for shoes, candy, condiments, and personalized notes.

Volunteer at a VA hospital or veterans group

Depending of your location, hospitals and veterans groups might ask for volunteers to participate in recreational programs and other activities. Others might be looking for volunteers to provide companionship. Running errands or doing yard work is always appreciated.

Purchase from Veteran-Owned Businesses

There are over 2 million small businesses that are veteran-owned. Supporting a veteran business is an indirect way to thank them. Since veteran owned businesses are smaller, they also tend to support a small number of employees, so supporting the business helps take care of a veteran’s staff as well as the economy.

Meet our Founder: Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt

Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt
Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt

As a veteran himself, Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt’s Gettysburg Sentinels continues to honor soldiers who may have passed over a century or more ago, but whose actions helped shaped our nation’s history. Using trees that either witnessed the events of the Battle of Gettysburg or grew in the area afterwards continues to be a way that businesses honor those soldiers for their service.

History in Your Hands

While there are many different ways that civilians can thank service members for their dedication to their country, veteran-owned businesses like Gettysburg Sentinels not only support those who served, but helps keep the story of those who served long before us. To learn more about Lieutenant Colonel Hewitt, his vision, and the founding of the company, visit the About page on our website.


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