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Gettysburg Sentinels Presents: Battlefield Trees!

Battlefield trees are incredible symbols of the events and people of our past. They enable us to connect with historical moments throughout time, transcending years, generations, and current events.

With this, they offer endless stories and links to so many monumental leaders. This blog will serve as a comprehensive look into battlefield trees, what they witnessed, and how we use and view them today.

I use two types of Gettysburg wood - Witness and Battlefield. Witness wood is from trees that were standing during the Battle of Gettysburg (aka they literally 'witnessed' it!). Battlefield wood is from trees that have stood sentinel over the battlefield in the last 160 years.

Made-to-order Codori Thicket Walnut Battlefield Tree Rings
Made-to-order Codori Thicket Walnut Battlefield Tree Rings

With this wood, we can preserve and celebrate more than just the history of Gettysburg. Since the beginning of time, we have shown our life-long commitments and affection for one another through special celebrations of love. Our vows are what define these promises, and our daily actions and words are what upholds them. When we extend these commitments and displays of appreciation to the stories told by Gettysburg, we may carry a love for both our partners and the sentinels that came before us for all of eternity. Click here to explore our newest collection of engagement rings!


My name is Greg and I’m so glad you’re here! Gettysburg Sentinels was founded in 2007 by my long-time friend and retired Army Lt. Colonel, William D. Hewitt. We spent many years together bonding over woodworking. After retiring from a 40 year career at a successful company that I co-founded with my beautiful wife, I purchased Gettysburg Sentinels from Colonel Hewitt. He was my introduction into this rich history and I felt honored to continue the legacy he so devotedly upheld. I’ve created this blog to offer a quality take on the objects, people, and events of the past, specifically through the lens of the battlefield trees.

Woodworking has been a part of my life for over 40 years. No matter if it were simple tasks such as turning wood shavings into beautiful objects or more complex projects with deep meaning and rich history - every project held some level of intrinsic value.

After acquiring Gettysburg Sentinels from Colonel Hewitt, I became entranced with the rich history of our grounds and found a deep respect for what took place so many years ago. Working with such ancient and irreplaceable pieces of history is both challenging and rewarding. The material I work on can be intimidating, as it requires finesse and careful consideration. I feel immense pride when crafting these beautiful objects and am honored to be able to share pieces of our history with people from all walks of life.

My Goals for This Blog

Blogging on laptop with notes and coffee

This blog will house all content surrounding battlefield trees. Just like their history, they’re an expansive topic that are weaved throughout many notable events that concerned many great leaders and courageous individuals.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to educate people on the history of Gettysburg while helping them understand the magic behind how I create my products. I believe their history and the living symbols of them should be showcased, not only out of respect but of genuine curiosity into the battles that led us to our current reality.

How Can You Help?

In more ways than you may realize. You simply reading this page is helping us contribute to the wider goal of Gettysburg Sentinels. I eagerly suggest for you to take a look into our current offerings by visiting our shop. Each piece is unique and has it’s own history and I’m thrilled to get the chance to share these windows of time with you.

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