Colonel Charles Costner Witness Tree Products

Our Colonel Charles Coster Witness Tree products are made from wood from the mighty oak tree that stood watch over Colonel Charles Coster’s brigade as they performed a delaying tactic to save the Union’s 11th Corps as they retreated back to Cemetery
on the afternoon of July 1, 1863. Had they not been successful Culp's Hill would almost certainly been taken by the Confederates that day and the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg may very well have been a Confederate victory.  Soldiers from Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, North Carolina and Georgia fought over this ground that at the
time was a brickyard in Gettysburg.  The tree can be seen in the right center of the photo on the left.  It is believed to have been taken at the 75th anniversary of the battle in June of 1938.

Colonel Charles Coster's Brickyard Aerial View